Chamomile & Vanilla Body Butter

$12.00 Coming Soon

Image of Chamomile & Vanilla Body Butter

100% natural sweet vanilla essential oil body butter.

Extra moisturizing formula perfect for drier winter skin.
Bloom's super luscious, super creamy butter formulation that can only be sold during the cooler months due to how delicate this butter is. A little goes a long way.

All natural ingredients, pure essential oils, no synthetic fragrance oils or colorants, no fillers, no preservatives, no alcohol based vanilla extracts.

Organic shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, Chamomile Flower infused sweet almond oil, & pure essential oil of Vanilla create a rich & luxurious body butter.

Literally melts into the skin like real butter leaving is sweetly scented of pure sweet Vanilla.

2 oz reusable jar

All natural body butters are best stored at room temperature. Bloom Soap & Co. only offers these butters during the cooler months for shipment to avoid melted butters being delivered to our much appreciated customers.

Your 2 oz. jar of body butter will be wrapped, & tied, in a biodegradable eco friendly plastic baggy for shipping. Please be sure to not allow package to be left in direct sunlight at time of delivery, best to be brought directly into room temperature to maintain creamy butter consistency & freshness of product. Bloom Soap cannot be held responsible for any shipping problems with this natural product but will always try to bring satisfaction to our customers.