Fresh English Cucumber Mint Soap

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A fresh and lovely new "Farm to Tub" Soap Bar.
This soap is hand crafted with fresh, organic, local English Cucumbers and luxuriously pure vegan oils. No synthetic fragrance oils or colorants. No skin irritating Mica Powders. No hydrogenated oils or animal fats. No hardening agents and no palm oils.

100% pure essential oil, organic virgin coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, farm fresh English Cucumber Purée, and pure essential oil of peppermint.

Truly a luxurious soap bath and shower bar. Excellent creamy, smooth lather, very good cleansing without stripping the skin of it's natural protective oils, and a "bloom" (natural scent) of sweet, sweet mint (just enough and not overpowering).

The addition of organically grown, farm fresh English Cucumber Purée adds an extra level of silkiness and freshness to this bar. Leaving skin fresh, clean, a bit tingly, and smelling naturally minty sweet. Use this bar in the bath or shower with a cloth, or loofah, for extra rich and creamy lather. This soap has become an absolute personal favorite and will become a permanent soap in Bloom's "Farm to Bath" soap line.

WONDERFUL soap from head to toe. Try using as a shampoo bar as well and clean your hair squeeky clean...naturally. Using handmade pure, soap naturally adjusts and corrects the ph balance of the hair and scalp, encouraging healthy hair that needs washing less often. There is a brief adjustment when beginning a new hair care routine when hair may seem more "oily" but scalp and hair will adjust and balance oil secretion to a healthier amount.

Often store bought shampoos are not soap, but actual detergents, that strip the hair's natural oils from hair follicles and scalp. The scalp then overcompensates for this "stripping" of the hair, by secreting MORE oil than is needed and creating unnaturally oily, or greasy, hair. Balance the ph and the oil secretion with natural soap/shampoo bars. Essential oil of Peppermint is also considered an excellent dandruff, and dry scalp, treatment.

This is a longer lasting soap bar than many handmade soap bars. This bar does not easily melt and is longer lasting if kept out of direct water stream.

Hope you very much enjoy...🍃


Image of Fresh English Cucumber Mint Soap