Coconut Milk Moisturizing & Conditioning Shampoo Bar: 1 available


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A wonderful new conditioning shampoo bar that will STILL wash the hair clean...naturally.
Created with the perfect blend and combination of plant based oils and coconut milk.
Beautiful, luscious and creamy lather that does not strip hair of natural oils. Organic virgin coconut oil cleanses the hair with coconut milk nourishing and conditioning the hair. Additional proprietary blend of lighter organic plant based oils gently coat and protect the hair.

A unique shampoo bar formulation that is highly recommended for normal to dry hair types for daily (or every other day) usage. Also excellent for curly &/or coarse hair to soften & smooth the hair.

This all natural creamy shampoo bar is also step 2 in the transition from store bought detergent based shampoos.

Step 1 being Bloom's Rosemary Coconut Shampoo Bar that washes hair squeeky clean naturally. Most over the counter shampoos are actually detergents that strip hair of its natural oils. The oil glands naturally try to compensate for this oil loss by producing more oil. When a person begins using natural (actual real soap) on hair (ie: shampoo bars that do not strip natural oils away) the oil glands need to adjust to normal oil production.

Many shampoo bar formulations do not allow for this transistional time period & do not cleanse well enough leaving newly washed hair "oily" or "greasy".
Bloom's step one Rosemary Coconut Shampoo Bar was created as the solution for this problem leaving hair squeeky clean and avoiding the oily, greasy hair transitional period that can even discourage people from their continued use.

This Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar, aka Step 2 conditioning shampoo bar, can be added to your hair care routine daily, every other day, and/or even alternated with the first shampoo bar when hair needs a bit more conditioning moisture.

For many customers, alternating the two bars ensures the hair is getting the nutrients & protection it needs...when needed.

The results of using this 100% natural conditioning milk shampoo bar are truly wonderful. Overall beautiful, silky smooth, softer, and cleaner hair.
We have seen the actual repair of dry brittle ends and overall improvement in hair and scalp health.

The lather is lush, quick, and creamy. An additional conditioner or hair rinse should not be needed with most hair types.
The addition of pure essential oil of sweet peppermint leaves a sweet light fresh natural scent and may also assist in the treatment (& prevention) of dandruff & dry scalp.

Bloom Soap & Co. is overjoyed to bring this natural shampoo bar to it's customers. We truly hope you enjoy.
You will most likely get dozens of shampoos with this bar.
A little goes a long way.

To use: wet hair & shampoo bar, gently rub bar on hair, use fingers to create lather, wash gently with fingertips, & rinse well. Repeat if needed.

$7 for 3 ounce bar
$4 for shipping of one bar

Shipping to Canada available with $10 shipping charge for 1 &/or 2 bars. (Same price of $10 for up to 2 bars)

At Bloom Soap & Co. we never use any synthetic fragrance oils or colorants, soap hardening agents, hydrogenated oils or animal fats, no chemicals, no preservatives.


  • 3 ounce bar
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